Marta Shultz

Marta Shultz
VP of Quality

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  • Instructional Simplify ASC Wed Jun 26 16:56:13 2019
May 23, 2019
If you’re like most ASCs, reporting is a fact of life. From case costing reports to credentialing, reports set the agenda for most board meetings and provide center staff with valuable performance benchmarks. When it comes to boar [...]
  • Educational / Industry Simplify ASC Sun Mar 31 02:01:44 2019
Mar 21, 2019
The year is well underway, and 2019 already promises to be pivotal for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Since their inception 40 years ago, ASCs have successfully worked to provide high-quality, cost-effective surgical care to millions [...]
  • Instructional Simplify ASC Sun Mar 31 02:18:49 2019
Mar 7, 2019
It is estimated that ASCs spend up to $7 on materials to build a paper chart. Multiply that by an annual case count and it adds up - fast. By how much? Based on average annual case volume reported from Medicare-certified ASCs, the [...]
  • Educational / Industry Simplify ASC Mon Apr 01 00:46:06 2019
Feb 5, 2019
 According to an International Data Corporation report last year, healthcare data is projected to grow by 36 percent through 2025 — faster than manufacturing, financial services or media data. Once known primarily as “Big Data,” t [...]
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